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In the ancient China, green tea was used for medicinal purposes, to ease the feeling of depression and to treat headaches. Today this tea is popular around the world because of its refreshing and healing properties. Read about numerous claims and facts about green tea.

What is Green Tea?
Green tea is the most popular type of tea from China. It is more than just a tasty, hot beverage. Its healing properties are still being studied today.

Does green tea burn fat?
There are popular claims, that drinking green tea regularly will increase our metabolism and help burn fat naturally and safely. But does green tea really help with fat burning?

Green Tea Benefits
Drinking of green tea represents one of the nature’s most beneficiary ways of protecting your body from various illnesses, ranking from protecting your teeth to fighting diabetes, stroke, heart diseases and cancer. Here you can find out more about healing properties of this incredible drink.

Green Tea Side Effects
One of the oldest and best known teas in the world, Chinese green tea, has in addition to many of its benefits some very important side effects that can seriously impact your health. Here you can find out everything about them.

Green Tea Myths and Facts
Green tea has been present in our history for thousands of years, and during all that time people from all around the world have used its potent abilities for stabilizing our metabolism and health. However, during that time many myths surfaced, and here you can separate them from true facts.

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