Healthy low caffeine tea for those who appreciate high quality....

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Japanese Premium HIGH QUALITY "Low Caffeine PURE "HOJI-CHA" LEAF TEA

Direct From The Japan Based Processor

Grown & Processed in the original and still the best green tea regions in the world - Shizuoka, Japan

For those who appreciate high quality and enjoy drinking one of the most healthy low caffeine tea available.

 Crafted from roasted green tea, "hojicha" offers a visually stimulating medley of stem and leaf. 
Young grassy notes  mingle with a taste that is effusive and toasty. 

It is an ideal tea for relaxing and appealing for its low caffeine content - see Picture.

150 gram Value - Vacuumed packed for guaranteed freshness!

Health Benefits: Catechins/EGCG - Powerful Antioxidants in tea that help neutralize free radicals
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